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Fleet Management Solutions

About Us
RPM Solutions provides vehicle, asset and individual tracking solutions for all types of industries and individuals. We offer our industry leading tracking and reporting platform to help keep fleet managers aware of vehicle and asset usage, and coupled with our DriveBook, electronic driver log book feature, you have a robust solution at your fingertips. 
RPM location based services puts YOU in the driver’s seat when it comes to
Fleet Management Solutions
Our highly customizable, cost effective platform provides consistent performance, accurate results, and a better Bottom Line!
Time Saving Benefits
Immediately locate any vehicle in your fleet
Over-the-air dispatching available to send directions, additional destinations, and in-cab communications directly to the driver
Customized grouping allowing the fleet manager to segment vehicles in the same area, vehicle type, or any other configuration
In-depth reporting capabilities which feature accurate and verifiable research in the event of accident or controversy
Driver Behavior Reporting
Immediate alerts for instances of speeding, harsh braking, erratic steering, excessive idle times and more…
Customizable route history playback and alerts that let the fleet manager know when a vehicle is off of its route
Customizable geo-fencing and landmark creation that produces, alerts, or monitors time spent in specified areas (ex: worksite, restaurant, home, office, areas of choice)
Powerful tools to help manage costs and reduce downtime
Reduced fuel expense
Monitored maintenance programs and scheduling
Reduce overtime
Eliminate excess miles driven
Reduced insurance costs (Safe Driver Programs)
OBDII system monitoring and alerts
Easily track and manage your vehicles and control expenses from anywhere that has internet access using:
Real Position Management Solutions