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The Real Position Management Solutions platform can provide the tools you need to stay aware of your vehicles and how they are used. Let's face it, vehicle investments encompass a major part of your business, and personal, capital. Why would you leave that much money to chance?

For business owners, knowing that you are getting a reasonable return on your investment is VERY important. That's why RPM offers a comprehensive, industry-leading platform that delivers results. Being able to prove a vehicles productivity can add dollars to your bottom line. Knowing that field employees are actually in the field, and at the assigned location can offer peace of mind and knowing how long they spend at locations and driving can save payroll dollars as well as vehicle wear-and-tear. The RPM platform offers the full spectrum of driver inteligence, and vehicle information. Hours of Service (HOS) and Electronic Logging Devices (ELD's), DTC codes and vehicle diagnostics, immediate location information, speed, direction of travel, harsh braking, unauthorized use, excessive idle times and so much more. Our customizable reporting features allow you to generate all the information that is important to YOU.

Parents and caregivers, have you ever wondered where your teenager is? Maybe you would like to see where they have been? RPM lets you see a complete history of where a vehicle, or cell phone (smart phone) has been. You can see every stop, average speed, and how long they spent at any location. Set up geofences around any given location to know if they were where they were supposed to be (school, shopping, boyfriend/girlfriend's house, etc.). Don't be left guessing when it comes to safety, and following the rules!
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